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About Us

About Us
The Ascension Paranormal Society is a professional paranormal research organization located in West Tennessee that offers paranormal investigation services, workshops and seminars as well as spiritual wellness consultations.

Since 2006 we have provided the community with high quality professional services. Ascension makes a vital, ongoing contribution to the community by providing quality professional services including paranormal investigations, blessings/cleansings as well as educational endeavors..As members of several respectable professional organizations we hold all of our services to a high standard to offer you the best services possible. Our mission is to provide the community with quality services in order to assist with paranormal phenomena related issues and historical preservation endeavors

Rest assured that with over 10 years of experience in paranormal research and serving the community that you will get high quality services. Along with our experience and memberships in various professional organizations we have helped hundreds of clients including residential homes and businesses. This has gained us much respect in the community.

Our Story

Our Story
Ascension was originally founded in 2006 in the small rural West Tennessee town of Martin as the UT martin Paranormal Society. In 2009 the group transitioned to PRISM and became a student organization at the University of Tennessee at Martin with the help of Dr Linda Salvin, Dr. Charles Tart, and Tommy McGlown , an admissions adviser with the University.

Since then we the organization joined some of the most influential professional groups in the local area including the Martin Business Association. Other organizations include the esteemed Ghost Adventures Crew and the Paranormal Clergy Institute.

In the Spring of 2017 PRISM was retired and the Ascension Paranormal Society was born. While we are still known as the oldest and most respected paranormal research organization in the north west Tennessee area we look forward to many more years in service and helping many more people.
 Note: While PRISM was affiliated with the University of Tennessee at Martin, Ascension is not and we have returned to a community organization but students are very much welcome in our organization


In order to get the best results we incorporate a variety of methods on our investigations depending on the nature of the cases we take on. We utilize the latest in technology and use our own abilities to assist our clients.For clients who are not seeking a paranormal investigation but more spiritual counseling  we utilize various techniques to help them deal with things such loss of a loved one or even stress. We are not qualified psychologists by an means and do not claim to help anyone with mental disorders.  Our goal is just to listen and make recommendations based on our own belief systems and experiences..

Join Us

Have a passion for the paranormal and want to take that passion to the next level? We want you!

Ascension is always seeking serious individuals who want to help make a difference in someone else’s life. If you believe you have what it takes to be dedicated and committed to learning about the field and helping people with their paranormal questions/problems then either come to one of our meetings or submit an application today! By joining our group you will be doing more than just joining  just another ghost hunting group but you are taking a journey into an amazing world of wonders with people just like you. 

Types of Memberships

 Local Investigation Team

The local investigation team are for members who are local and meet all requirements of this position such as events, meeting, training sessions and investigations.

Online Membership

Our newest form of membership is for those who are not local or are local and can’t attend meetings..etc but want to be part of the team and do their part just join our public Facebook group..

Basic Requirements

  •  Members are required to attend our meetings are held are once per month or as needed and are held usually on a Monday night from 6-8 PM 
  • Have good time management and show interest in the subject matter. 
  • Reliable internet connection, contact method and basic computer skills. 
  • Good time management and communication skills. 
  •  Reliable transportation 
  • Members must help with organization events projects when needed. 
  • This is mostly on a volunteer basis however. Free to join however we are self funded and all members must help with expenses such as gas, travel and other things as needed

Our Services

Pranormal Investigations

Pranormal Investigations
Ascension offers full and in depth investigations to determine if your location is haunted or not. More on investigations and how they are conducted are listed in the About Us section of this website. As a member of the Paranormal Clergy we are trained to deal with demonic infested cases as well.  If you are a real estate agent and have a house for sell and you want to protect the investment by knowing whether or not the location is haunted then don’t hesitate to contact us. This service is also free of charge and 100% confidential.

Please note this service when requesting an investigation. NOTE: We are based in Martin, Tennessee so if you live outside of Tennessee and our coverage area then the most we can do is consultation over the phone or via email. If you suspect you are dealing with a demonic situation please read below.

In order to provide you with the highest quality service there are a few requirements and understandings that we need from you. Before you request an investigation please read over our terms of service. If you do not meet the criteria or accept our Terms of Service then we will not be able to assist you. These terms are in place to provide legal securities as well as other safety and security measures.

Blessings and Cleansings

Blessings and Cleansings
Whether you have already had an investigation done or you just want to minimize the negative energies within your home or business we can help. Our house cleansings and blessings have been proven effective with a 90% success rate. While we wish it was 100% there are are several reasons that keep this from happening.

Stressed, highs and lows, psychic attacks,fatigue, low self-esteem, spirits, curses, portals, vortexes, attracting more negative situations, bad luck, arguments, cold spots, mood swings, angry, moaning, migraines, depression, odd noises / taps, Agitation, electrical stuff breaking, dark shadows, feeling like being watched, strange smells, something out of corner of your eye and many more..

If you believe your house is haunted, call us and we confirm this then you may want a house cleansing. Paranormal activity that causes threatening or harassing events to occur either by physical manifestation or psychological harm can be commonly cured by an age old cleansing ritual know to the paranormal community as smudging. We offer these services free of charge after an investigation or independently Please submit your service request below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Workshops and Seminars

Workshops and Seminars
Educating and  giving the public important information regarding the paranormal field is one of our biggest missions.  We are also dedicated to assisting newcomers as well. Our methods of workshops, seminars and entertainment helps in this accomplishing our mission.
Do you want to learn how to become a paranormal researcher? Are you interested in the field and want to learn about things such as psychic research, hauntings? Whether you have never investigated a haunted location or are a veteran of many investigations our workshops help you learn the truth about what goes into paranormal research.

Our mission is to educate the public about what goes into real paranormal research and now you can learn from the oldest and most respected paranormal research organization in the area. A list of upcoming workshops are listed on our calendar and can also be seen here.
You can also request a private workshop by clicking below. Private workshops can be requested depending on scheduling and on our terms of service that will be given at the time we contact you to discuss the request. These workshops are hands on in a undisclosed haunted location.
Do you want to learn how to become a paranormal researcher? Are you interested in the field and want to learn about things such as psychic research, hauntings? Whether you have never investigated a haunted location or are a veteran of many investigations our workshops help you learn the truth about what goes into paranormal research.

Our mission is to educate the public about what goes into real paranormal research and now you can learn from the oldest and most respected paranormal research organization in the area. A list of upcoming workshops are listed on our calendar and can also be seen here. You can also request a private workshop by clicking below. Private workshops can be requested depending on scheduling and on our terms of service that will be given at the time we contact you to discuss the request. These workshops are hands on in a undisclosed haunted location.


A spirit which has not passed over correctly, into the light, the next level, Heaven or whichever way through your belief's you wish to call it.

The reasons why they remain behind are diverse; unfinished business, ( a message need be told to a loved one, finger a murderer, etc. ), afraid of passing over, ( fear of being judged, Hell, what's on the other side, the unknown, etc. ), a sudden or unexpected death, ( leaves the spirit confused, or in denial of their own passing ), guilt or grief, ( not wanting to leave that special someone or loved one, the grief of a loved one of whom they wish to comfort ), etc.

Once a spirit is satisfied it has accomplished it's goals it will eventually move on, or remain because it simply likes where it's at, and comfortable is the area in which it haunts. They are not bound to that place or area, and can move on when they wish, but that, entirely depends on them, and if they wish to, or not, leave this world, or plane of existence.
Since there is no definitive proof of the paranormal, it makes it hard to tell if one's house may be haunted or not. However, if strange occurrences happen on a regular basis, one idea is to start a journal and record all what you think is 'strange' and going on. Write down what the occurrences may be, times they take place, any changes within the area things occur, ( i.e. cold spots, visible anomalies, etc. ), try to take pictures, something may show up in them to help determine if you may have a problem, ( or not ) weather conditions, tape recordings for strange sounds, video recordings, etc.

You can also write down any information you can get about the place you live in, area, history, and anything that may have occurred there that is NOT of paranormal origin which may be the root of your problems - and those that may be. We also have to keep in mind that some hauntings are like a "photograph" of an occurrence of the past, which plays over and over - like a recording and not an actual "live" haunting.

Sometimes sounds like the water heater, wooden houses expanding/contracting, weather changes, etc. can cause all sorts of sounds that may seem spooky, but are all perfectly normal things and can often be mistaken for paranormal phenomena. ( Fluffy the cat jumping on the furniture, chasing a rat, it's tail or it's own shadow can do just this ). The human imagination has plenty to do with this, we often see or hear things that aren't what we think they may be, a nightmare, scary book, movie, story, can all help to influence your imagination even further.

The journal will help you determine whether or not an actual paranormal occurrence is taking place, through your notes.

If it comes to be that you are really sure that a paranormal occurrence is happening, find some experienced ghost hunters in your area, ( children shouldn't do anything without their parents consent ), who can help you out with your situation.

Show them your notes, ( what-when-how-where ), explain to them in detail what the occurrences are, your religious beliefs, things you, ( or your friends/family members), may have done to cause the haunting, ( summoning spirits through the Ouija board for example ), if you have done anything, ( prayer, house blessed, sea-salts, holy water, holy oils, etc. ), to try and stop the haunting, if you are sensitive or any other family member.. ( some spirits come about because they know that you can sense them ), if the problem started there, or at a previous residence, if the problems started with the previous tenants, etc. so that they can know exactly what the situation is about and help you.

Most investigators offer free services, and if an actual paranormal occurrence is present, can gather more information and possibly help you with your situation, ( depending on their services ). Don't challenge the spirit or anger it, that will not help your situation and may only cause more problems.

One way to get rid of ghosts is to ask the ghosts out loud in a firm yet respectful tone, to please leave and stop their activities. According to many stories and witness accounts, this seems to be the most effective way of dealing with the situation.

No one, or anything, wishes to be disrespected, yelled at, etc., so treat it the way you'd like to be treated or treat a good friend. Many times, ghosts are just passing through, just wish to be noticed, and not mean any harm. Don't panic, take a deep breath and explain what your problem is and ask if they could stop. Try to remain calm and avoid fear and negativity, none of it will help you with your situation.
Only if it wishes to go. It may be afraid to leave, not wish to leave, ( being comfortable where it is at ), etc.. Again, you can also find ghost hunters in your area to help you with the situation, but this does not mean the spirit will leave. Some ghost hunting groups have a

psychic/sensitive who is a part of the team and can help to move the spirit on and also tell you why the spirit may be there. Then again, you may not wish for it to go and can live and deal with the situation fine, accepting the spirit(s) for what they are and realizing that there is no reason to fear them. It all depends on you - and your spirit.
Not everyone in a house may experience a haunting, this doesn't mean you are loosing your mind. Try to take hold of yourself and the situation at hand, again, write in your journal, gather the 'evidence' and people may assist you.

Many people have gone through this, especially while growing up, being the only one in a family experiencing paranormal phenomena. Some seek schools, groups or centers to educate themselves and learn how to Handel these situations.

Others have another person, or people whom also go through the experiences, ( or separate experiences ), and so may all help each other. Some ghosts hunters can even help educate you living with ghosts.
In the times we are living now, paranormal phenomena though not widely accepted, has branched out to the point where you can find help or assistance almost anywhere.

Even on the net, e-mail groups, message boards and websites offer their opinions, comfort, friendship, investigations, information and help. Just be careful of whom you choose to share experiences with, be it of the paranormal nature or not - many people are out there that bode no good or any help, choose carefully.

If seeking a paranormal group, ask questions until you feel sure they understand your situation and meet your needs. Be sure they are experienced, meet with them, talk with the leader and/or each member, review their website and see what they've done in the past, procedures, investigating journals, etc.

Also check their references, fees, ( some may charge for their services, others ask for a donation for cost of film, travel, lodge, etc. ), and if their prices are too high, move on to the next group until you find the one who you feel most will assist your needs and has dealt with a situation like yours, or similar and can evaluate your situation and gather unbiased evidence.

If they have a sensitive working with the group, make sure the team checks where the sensitive claims is something, to back up said claim, that they use their equipment, ( EMF meters, take pictures, etc. ), to study the area which is claimed to have activity by the sensitive to validate the sensitives impressions, and will make you feel more comfortable with both the team and sensitive.
You cannot force someone to believe in paranormal occurrences, there will always be skeptics and non-believers whom no matter how much "proof" you show, how much you swear on your "dead aunts grave," still won't believe you.

Remember that journal, and notes, The "who-when-what-why" to back up your claims, and also to keep in mind MANY NATURAL things may have caused the experience, be sure of that also. And still, not everyone will believe, so put yourself in their shoes and think of something you wouldn't or don't believe in, and try to understand their perspectives on the situation. You will find who will believe, and that's great, again be careful of whom your trust and not be scammed.
They just may do. Think of those cases where the supposed ghost came back to tell who murdered them, or that have lingered and haunted an area, place or home, until their last wishes were made done, or that have come back to save that family member or friend/stranger from danger, to comfort a loved one who grieves for them, or to wait until that loved one passes and joins them.

All this denotes emotion though not yet proven to be so. Best not to hurt, summon, or manipulate them and consider them as you would your best friend or Loved one or stranger.
It is believed that everyone has the potential to see ghosts. Some people are more open minded, or on "the right brain wave usage" to see them, ( like sensitives/clairvoyants/psychics ). Denial, fear, emotions, distress at seeing one, religious beliefs, etc., can all cause a person not to see one. Maybe they have seen one, and yet still won't admit to it.

It all depends on beliefs, sensitivity, emotions, etc., that will determine if you'll ever see a ghost or not. Sometimes you may capture an anomaly on film in an area you were in and never see or sense anything - Luck? That may play a role in this!

Not everyone "sees" a ghost in the same ways. Some see with their "third eye," others with the naked eye, or from the corner of their eye. You may see a "wisp" of smoke, a shadowy figure, an orb, a streak of light, or ectoplasm, a movement of an inanimate object, a full blown apparition to sounds or voices and still many other different ways to explain or express the "seeing" of a ghost.

Found on a standard photograph these can be caused by crystals in the developing fluid that leave a ring on the picture. They can also be caused by the refraction of the light in the camera lens in both digital & in a standard film camera- particularly if you are filming directly into a light source or towards a reflective surface.
Dust floating close to the lens will also catch sunlight & appear to be a ball of light. This is particularly the case if the background is dark & the light source if from the side. While most can be explained, some cannot.
The effects of orbs, appearing on some of ghost hunts, which is a strange ball seems to float across the picture. Now it is quite possible that this is a paranormal phenomenon but it is probably more likely to be dust. Similarly, if someone is smoking nearby then the smoke may well appear to look like spooks. A person’s breath in cold weather can also produce a false anomaly.
Spirits haunt an area because of many different reasons and not only because it's old, has history or a death will they haunt it. Unfinished business, a loved one, etc. can all make a spirit remain in an area. Objects and items can also retain a spirit, being that they really loved their home, car, desk, etc..
Ghosts are around us all the time and everyone "sees" ghosts differently. You may perceive them through smells, inanimate objects moving, sounds, items disappearing or misplaced, feeling of being touched, etc..

Then again, the ghost may not wish to present itself to you and so you may never perceive it, or because of your beliefs, or ways of thinking/perceiving you may never see one . It all comes down to you, and the spirit - if your open minded and if it wishes to be known or seen.
It may make you more open minded and so better to perceive a ghost, but not attract it ( unless again, you summon it ).
First know there are two types of answers to "Should I communicate with a Ghost?"

If you feel or are aware the spirit is a loved one or friend, you can start by trying to say out loud in a nice tone of voice, "Hi! How are you?"

- If you feel the presence is of malicious intent, leave it alone, don't try to communicate with it on your own and seek professional help. Younger Children, seek the permission of your parents before contacting Any Paranormal Investigative Group/Psychic.

There are several ways ghosts/spirits may attempt to contact you. Messages through our dreams, is an example.

The dream(s) are usually not scary, but may seem so to see a loved one, friend, ( or neither - just a stranger ), who has passed on in our dreams. If you receive a message in this form, you may have just been visited by a spirit.

Other ways to sense a spirit communicating are; messages written on objects, such as paper or mirrors, scents that were common of the deceased, ( or not, and neither of the room/area you are in ), your name being called, voices such as laughter, being or feeling touched, knocks or rapping on doors and/or windows and other objects, lights being turned off and on, etc. (
And I don't mean an electrical problem or loose floorboards etc! ) You can also try EVP, as it has produced great results! Just remember to always be patient, and they just might communicate with you - and then again, they may not. It all depends on the spirit.
You have to remember to always consider the presences feelings, for they were once fully bodied, ( alive ), as you are. If you speak to it in an angry tone, it is liable to get angry with you! Some, as they may have been in life, ( or because of the cause of death  have mean dispositions, and don't wished to be bothered with - period. Communication with this sort of presence may only anger it more and cause it to 'lash out' at you. Each spirit and haunting is different so you must analyze all carefully before attempting to have any involvement with them to avoid such problems. Seek professional help before attempting to communicate with such entities.

Other's may wish to be left alone, ignore you, and not be communicated with. It really all depends on the spirit. Best to cease, and if it should change it's mind, it will be sure to find a way to be noticed/communicate with you. Remember to be aware of the ways it may be trying to, and that you aren't the one not noticing!
Do research! Start with your home/area to find out why the ghost(s) are there. Check with your local library or newspaper for the information you may need. Some spirits, it is believed, will stay on because of violent deaths, wrong doings, still have missions to accomplish, waiting for a loved one, unfinished business, comfort to a loved one, etc.

There may be many reasons why your home/area may be haunted - only way to find out is to actually do the research! Also, we cannot forget, if you are a sensitive to ghosts, even if the home or area is NOT haunted - they may 'seek you out' or be seen/noticed by you, just because YOU CAN notice them! Some spirits LIKE to be noticed, and some even like the companionship, and knowing someone can communicate, see, or sense them.
 See "Are only old houses, areas with history, or where a murder or natural death has occurred will be haunted?" This includes Bridges, graveyards, etc. Not only in a cemetery you may find ghosts, they may be as easy to find as the play yard down the street!
  • Pay very close to your body reactions.

  • Your 6"‘sense will begin to kick in and you will know something isn’t right.

  • Your hair on the back of your neck stands up, you have stomach problems

  • You will get a sense of dire dread

  • Heavy objects move around seemingly by themselves.

  • Knocking, banging or pounding may be heard throughout

  • the house or in just one room - sounds in 3’s

  • Religious articles disappear or are destroyed. They may also be desecrated.

  • Foul odour of rotten flesh or other odours - source cannot be found

  • Animals become frightened of unseen/seen entities

  • Religious objects are desecrated

  • Growling sounds can be heard throughout the home or room without being able to find the source

  • Activity starts up when you attempt to say prayers

  • Apparent retaliation if a clergyman/paranormal group has been to the home

  • Physical attacks

  • Psychological attacks

  • Sexual assaults

  • Levitation of objects or people

Remember that:
Inhuman spirits can mimic the full shape of a human spirit but there is always a way to know that it is demonic and that is that they normally have no eyes, the face is somewhat flawed or vague. They are usually red, orange or black in color. Inhuman spirits can mimic the voice of a loved one but their voice is not perfect.

 Human spirits cannot mimic other types of voices but Inhuman spirits can. Human spirits can touch you and you will normally not feel threatened. Inhuman spirits touch you and it is very threatening (punch, scratch, smack). 

People are realizing that spirits they see are not usually harmful in any way. ( Just like you getting that orb or shadow/mist picture in a cemetery and yet nothing happened to you while in said cemetery ). You see a ghost and being it's unexpected, the fear of the situation may make you relate to it as being evil or religious beliefs also play a role for some teach that all said entities are evil.

They usually just wish to be noticed or pass through a place, be in a place they are comfortable in since they don't wish yet to move on, or not ready to move on because of any other reason.

An evil entity can be encountered, and do exist, and one of the reasons respect and care to all places should be observed and followed through. Although some spirits may be harmful, having a mean disposition, angered, you did something to anger it, entered in a place or area which they take as you being on their property, summoning it, etc..

This is not to scare you, but to make you aware that even as you meet good and bad people in life, same goes with spirit entities in death.

Using any form of summoning of spirits, without experience, is an invitation to trouble and you may get more than what you bargained for. You may be summoning, ( giving permission to enter, calling upon, etc. ), any entity in the area - or beyond - with whom you may not be able to handle.

All summoning of spirits require the summoner to close the opening, etc., of what they have opened, and a non-experienced person whom has no knowledge in these things will then have a spirit who will stay with them, or the area in which it was summoned.

A professional medium or psychic can help you to summon a loved one with the knowledge of what to do after the summoning, which may help you to communicate with whom you wished to without inviting in or binding uninvited entities.
No. A Demon will possess an area, home, place, person, item etc., but is totally different in relation to a ghost. A ghost is from human origin while a "demon" is an entity of a whole different classification.
Demonology is for the most part considered, especially in such times where science rules modern man, an unconventional science or area of study. Essentially it is a legit field, which en-compasses many endeavors to explain what most consider myths.

By the categorization, study, & actual witness to phenomena, which is considered diabolical, one who embarks in this field tries to understand the nature of these energies, which have intelligence, the ability to interact on this plane of existence, & the abilities to coerce man into his own downfall.
We believe that Demons are fallen angels who have rejected God’s grace and love and will not accept humankind as being created in the image of God.  Matthew 12:24 clearly states that Lucifer is the ruler of all demons and that when he fell, low raking demons fell with him through their own free will.
Here are sine characterstiscs of demonic activity. Please keep in mind these are not all of them.

Diseases Infliction
Although demonic entities can inflict disease, I am not implying that all diseases are cause by demonic entities. There have been plenty of cases in which human error have caused terrible diseases and I believe demonic entities are not always the cause for human disease. However, Luke 13:11, a woman claimed that she had a terrible sickness and this was caused by an evil spirit and also in Luke 13, the writer explain that for 18 years, she had been suffering from these attacks caused by demonic entities.

Psychic influence
One of the most dangerous things that demonic entities can do is influence the mind. We will talk about the stages of possession later in this module but demonic entities can and will play havoc on the human mind. Demonic entities will cause you to sin, isolate yourself from your family and friends, manipulate your emotions and even cause you to think about things that you would ordinarily never consider.

They are master manipulators in that they are able to tempt people with power and greed and present false sense of securities.  

They present amazing opportunities and the price for said opportunities is making a few unethical decisions.  We have all heard the say, selling your soul to the devil.  While some may believe that this is mere fantasy, I assure you, it is very much reality.
Here are some of the most common signs of demonic activity but remember some physical or mental conditions can make one perceive false demonic activity.

  • The appearance of black smoke, black mist  or black fog

  • The odd behaviour of occupants that live in a demonic haunted home such as defecation or urination around the home, unusual vomiting activity by occupants, strange behaviour and abnormal cursing by occupants. Convulsions, unusual shaking, eyes out of focus

  • Objects around the home being violently thrown around or occupants being attacked by the entity

  • Extreme anger and hatred felt by one or more of the occupants of the home. This includes fighting and other domestic disputes.

  • Domestic violence within the household

  • Unexplainable foul odors that appear from nowhere and the source cannot be found

  • If you hear knocking, scratching or banging on the walls and the source cannot be found - these will often come in 3's - as a mocking of the Trinity

  • Banging noises in the walls can be Poltergeist activity and this should not be confused with Demonic.

  • Strange growls heard when no animal is present.

  • Pay very close to how animals in the home react - are they frightened and alarmed at something you cannot see but hear?  objects usually have a target - you or guest 

  • Religious articles are destroyed or they may completely disappear and pay attention to any Paranormal Activity that usually begins when prayers are said and appearance of  black smoke, black mist or black fog

  • The demonic will try to scare and grab a foothold where infestation is concerned. This stage precedes encroachment, the stage where permission was granted either willingly or unwillingly for the spirit or spirits to take hold. This stage is much like phenomena caused by human spirit. Attention grabbers & minor scare tactics will arise to establish a fuel source. That fuel is the very fear a person/group demonstrate when experiencing demonic phenomena, which they do not understand. It needs to be recognized to gain the ability to grow in intensity & needs it’s fuel composed of fear and basic human weaknesses.

  • Next, if the progression continues, oppression will set in. This stage is far greater than that of infestation. Now a mental barrage of temptation, terrible dreams, & fear may consume the person who is experiencing the assault of senses. Constant sleep deprivation may be used as well to break down the targeted individual or individuals. The demonic entity knows the weaknesses of those who it attacks; using these weaknesses to continue to gain muscle and potency. Also the physical phenomena will increase in both duration & intensity

  • Larger, heavier objects will move, hard pounding may occur, actual biting & scratching may occur as part of the debasing physical assaults on the intended victim.

  • Oppression may take weeks, months, or even years, & there is no guarantee if the barrage will work, so the struggle often becomes more & more intense. Therefore, by slithering about, stalking the essence of the individual, it can be very constant & intensify as resistance is applied. There is no time in the spirit world. These sinister & cunning spirits will try to execute the most intelligent plan of attack to dominate & conquer the will of that person. It is this stage where the demonic entity is setting the person up for the ultimate goal & desire: possession.
  • The clients could have had a pre-existing haunting

  • Someone could have opened themselves up by invitation (Quija board, challenging entities, provoking entities)

  • Paranormal investigators can fall into this trap by provoking entities.

  • Person actions, evil actions, (making a pact with the Devil and placing a curse on someone. The demonic entity will expect it's compensation - your ultimate demise
A Demonologist is one who has completed primary research within the field and has accepted his/her calling to devote their lives to the study of demonology and may be appointed by Church leadership to investigate demonic cases.


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