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    Welcome to the Ascension Paranormal Society

    The Ascension Paranormal Society is a professional paranormal research organization located in West Tennessee that offers paranormal investigation services, workshops and seminars as well as spiritual wellness consultations.


    Since 2006 we have provided the community with high quality professional services. Ascension makes a vital, ongoing contribution to the community by providing quality professional services including paranormal investigations, blessings/cleansings as well as educational endeavors..

    As members of several respectable professional organizations we hold all of our services to a high standard to offer you the best services possible. Our mission is to provide the community with quality services in order to assist with paranormal phenomena related issues and historical preservation endeavors

    Rest assured that with over 10 years of experience in paranormal research and serving the community that you will get high quality services. Along with our experience and memberships in various professional organizations we have helped hundreds of clients including residential homes and businesses. This has gained us much respect in the community.


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      Welcome to our new site!
      Ghost Rider · 11/30/2019
      We are happy to announce the launch of our brand new website! Since 2006 we have net so many great people and have gotten to experience so many great events. It has been a wild ride and while in the past we been able to provide everyone with great websites they all have lacked one thing and that is engagement. With the growing and stabilizing popularity of popular paranormal TV shows and entertainment media we began accepting online memberships to anyone interested in joining our team for those who for whatever reasons unable to be a physical member,

      Now, we are excited to launch our brand new website and online community. With this launch we hope to encourage those who have always wanted to be part of our online community to join us. So, if you are looking to join an online community of paranormal enthusiast then this is for you. What makes us different from a lot of online communities? We are NOT just an online community but an active paranormal research team and we would love for you to be part of it. We are made up of people from all faiths, interests, and lifestyles.
      The goal of this community is not only to talk about paranormal stuff but to create a community of people who want to change the world by helping others, bringing light into others lives and promote positive energy.  We believe that together we can change the world and how others perceive it.Whether you live in town or across the world we would love for you to join our community, meet others who enjoy paranormal topics and more as well as interact with members of our team. This site is where it all begins. Join NOW. it's free!
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